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December 2021

  • Refurbished and installed original 105-year-old tin ceiling tiles in the loft hallway

  • Bathroom designs established and completed 

  • Furniture, art and fixtures delivered 

  • Almost ready to open the doors! 

July 2021

  • New doors, ceiling tiles, and floors

  • Walls textured and primed (ready for paint)

  • Archways built for Sundae In Paris Soda Fountain

  • Cellar staying dry - despite all the rain

January 2021

  • The original transom ‘prism’ glass is replaced by a modern prism glass reproduction

  • The original 1917 door is restored and replaced  

  • Historic 1920s themed lights are added to 'The Cellar' entertainment venue

March 2021

  • Outdoor and Indoor seating is added

  • The Quirky Belle Bakes joins collaboration on Sundae in Paris soda fountain & bistro

  • Approval for a license to sell alcohol begins 

April 2021

  • The alleyway behind the building is cleared of litter, weeds, electrical wiring, and all other debris

  • The104 year old plastered walls in the lofts are sanded down

December 2020

  • 37 Clarksville gets a holiday makeover for the Christmas season

  • Branded decals are added to the lower windows to add 1920s flair

November 2020

  • The original 1917 private entrance to 1st St Lofts is restored

  • The building's windows begin to be replaced

  • Historical blue detailing is added to accent the front facade

July 2020

  • The floor joists in 'The Cellar' are finished and the 1st floor subfloor is installed

  • The bricks on the front facade of the building are cleaned

  • A new fire sprinkler system is installed throughout the building

January 2020

  • An assessment of the building is taken

  • Debris is cleared throughout the building

  • The transformation process begins

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